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    Frostborn nailsThis macro will cast Shadowstep followed by Ambush if dagger is equipped or Garrote otherwise. /castsequence reset=target/stealth [equipped:daggers] Shdowstep, [equipped:daggers] Ambush; [noequipped:daggers] Shadowstep, [noequipped:daggers] Garrote.
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The exclamation mark in the macro allows you to press the keybind again (with a mouseover or direct target on a friendly player) to clear this mouse targeting feature. Trinket Macros: If you’re swapping between on-use trinkets and you don’t want to update your Avenging Wrath or Avenging Crusader macros every single time, here’s a fix: Istog shqip/cast [modifier:ctrl, target=partypet1] Hand of Protection(Rank 3). END. MACRO 78 " " INV_Misc_QuestionMark.May 01, 2016 · Hello everyone! When i downloaded the recent shadowlands expansion, i noticed that my macros no longer worked =0. This is not a single target DPS macro, this is a Help / Harm selective macro So i did some digging to find out what was goin on, An example of this would be : /cast [help] Innervate ; [harm] Entangling Roots ; Innervate.

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